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Being born in the European capital, I'd like to call myself a citizen of the world. I have had several experiences abroad during my studies. My first international internship was in Bloemfontein, South Africa, where I was responsible for the communication department at the Saint Nicholas Children's Hospice in 2007. This experience taught me how to manage a team and deal with intercultural dilemma's in professional settings.


In 2009, I went to Alicante, Spain, to study interpreting and literature at the Universidad de Alicante. While studying to become a succesful interpreter, I have had the opportunity to interpret for several Belgian non-profit organizations such as Vredeseilanden and Amnesty International. For years, I have been volunteering as a translator of their Urgent Actions, especially in Latin-America. It is very important to me to use my talents for the benefit of others.


In 2010, I started teaching languages as a private language coach for students. In the meantime, I also started collaborating with smaller non-profit organizations focussing on the needs in Africa.

I hosted and interpreted several public events and radio shows concerning the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The biggest public event was the festival 'Congofolies', where thousands of people gathered around the Brussels' Atomium to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the DRC's independence.

Shortly after, I was the proud host of a big concert at the Cirque Royal in Brussels, to celebrate the 9th Month of the International Solidarity in Brussels. Those were unforgettable memories that also gave me extra experience in hosting and interpreting in public. 


Music has always been a big part of my life. Thanks to my experience as a host, I had the opportunity to become the new voice of radio FM Brussel in 2011. Not only do I still record the jingles of the radio station, I also hosted several evening shows such as "Caramba", a summer special, and "ABBOTA", a show about the two best concert venues in Brussels.


In 2013, I joined the subtitling team of tvbrussel and expanded my voice-over and acting gigs furthermore.



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- 2009-2010, HUB

   Master in Interpreting

- 2007-2009, HUB

   Bachelor in Applied Linguistics

- 2004-2007, KHM

   Bachelor in Public Relations









  FM Brussel, Festival Congofolies


  Luminus, Carrefour, FM Brussel




  Ixelles, Nahman, AI Vlaanderen


  My Sherpa, Educadomo


2010 - present

2010 - present

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